SMS Maama sends three types of easy-to-read automated text messages to women looking for more information about their pregnancies:

Informational Texts
Interactive Texts
Appointment Reminders

How is SMS Maama unique?

Maama kits

SMS Maama is currently working with Benedict Medical Centre in Luzira, Kampala to conduct focus groups and a research pilot.

GOALS of 2017-2019:

WHO: Women attending 1st antenatal appointment

WHAT: Gather data on how women view pregnancy, the challenges that may arise during it, and their opinions of a mobile health text messaging educational service

HOW: General questions related to pregnancy, development of complications during pregnancy, thoughts on a text messaging educational service, mobile phone usage

STATUS: SMS Maama performed focus groups in July and August of 2018. Focus group data is currently being analyzed.

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WHO: 200 women between 10-28 weeks gestation attending Benedict Medical Centre (BMC) who are interested in, fulfill enrollment criteria, and consent to study enrollment

WHAT: All participants will receive informational and interactive text messages related to: pregnancy, birth preparedness, nutrition, delivery, postpartum education, in addition to appointment reminders

GOAL: Test feasibility, utility, and desirability as measured by pre- and post-test assessments, in addition to various mHealth metrics

STATUS: As of September 2018, all SMS Maama participants completed the study intervention. SMS Maama is now analyzing study results.

Q: SMS Maama is a social business venture, why bother with research?

A.  We believe one of the key principles of good business is to see if customers like the product. At SMS Maama, we believe it is worthwhile to verify that the product we are "selling" is worthy of being sold (i.e. Does it work? Do women use, value, and interact with it?). Mobile health technologies have become of increasing interest in the past few years, but there are very few studies out there that show it's utility. We - at SMS Maama - wanted to do just that before we expand to more rural areas in Uganda and other locations around the globe.