Texting to Prevent Birth-Related Deaths in Uganda

"Maternal and child health MPH student Sonja Ausen-Anifrani knew that Uganda has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in East Africa. So she is working to develop SMS Maama, a text messaging service that contacts expectant mothers in Uganda with health information and health screening questions with the hopes of decreasing health complications and increasing contact with the health provider."

by University of Minnesota, School of Public Health


Mother Reminder ‘SMS Maama’ Research Study

The SMS Maama project will be implemented in partnership with the University of Minnesota and Benedict Medical Center and TMCG on the usability, feasibility and user satisfaction of an interactive and informational phone message service (SMS) aimed to promote maternal health.

by The Medical Concierge Group (TMCG) 


Reflections on SMS Maama – 2016 Acara Fellow

"Pregnancy is a natural phenomenon of the human body.  Yet, have you ever paused to think about how many things have to go right in order for a mom and baby to be healthy at the end of it all?" 

by Acara Impact Entrepreneurship



Sonja Ausen-Anifrani believes that maternal mortality can be reduced by providing the health information that every woman deserves.

by Tony Lloyd at Social Entrepreneurship Podcast

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SMS Maama D-Prize

As an organization, we believe every woman has the right to information and the right to receive respectful maternity care. By providing access to this necessary health information, SMS Maama works to empower women and serve as a modern addition to pregnancy healthcare in Uganda.

by D-Prize


Addressing Immigrant Challenges Close to Home

Sonja's varied career work with immigrants brought her to the University of Minnesota School of Public Health. 

by Sarah Howard at the University of Minnesota


Message the Midwife

Katelyn was recognized as a notable recent College of Biological Sciences alum for her work both with SMS Maama and a research study investigating Cryptococcal Meningitis in people living with HIV/AIDS.

by CBS Now at the University of Minnesota


ausen-anifrani developing text message service to educate, protect pregnant women in uganda

Maternal and child health MPH student Sonja Ausen-Anifrani is working with an interdisciplinary team to develop “SMS Maama.”

by Charlie Plain at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health